Kayla Golub's appreciation for art and culture are driven by her experiences growing up in the Middle East and traveling the world at a young age. This instilled a deep interest of humanity that inspires her creative process. In college, she pursued anthropology, history, and art education before discovering intentions as a visual artist. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Colorado Mesa University, in 2016, she spent two years in Seattle, Washington. The diversity and visuals of the cityscape nestled together with the nature of the Pacific Northwest has been a major influence within her recent work. Moving back to Colorado in 2019, she is re-inspired by the mountains and deserts of the area.  



 As a mixed media artist, I use a combination of acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, and ink on paper to create abstract drawings. My creative process is motivated by my curiosities of the past, present, and future experiences of humankind. Within this topic, I pull influences from  pre-history and ancient civilizations. I'm also fascinated with innovations such as infrastructure, architecture, and vessels of exploration. Visually, I intend to merge natural forms with  industrial characteristic to build mysterious structures. I am drawn to ideas of these opposing, yet unified, forces. I look specifically comparison between geological formations and modern architecture and the growing context of man and machine. 



2016 - BFA in Studio Art, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO



2019 - "Rise" April, The Raw Canvas, Main Street, Grand Junction, CO

            "Fresh" March, The Raw Canvas, Main Street, Grand Junction, CO

            "Desire" Feb., The Raw Canvas, Main Street, Grand Junction, CO 

2018 -  Jewel Box Café, Nov./Dec., Northgate, Seattle, WA 

            "Connect" Raw Seattle Showcase in Sept.,  Club SUR,  Seattle, WA 

            "Magnify" Raw Seattle Showcase in June, Club SUR,  Seattle, WA 

            "XX", Omnia Contemporary, Grand Junction, CO 


2017 - Oct./Nov. Showcase, Local Color Bistro, Pikes Place Seattle, WA

            Bumbershoot Juried Show, Art/Not Terminal Gallery, Seattle, WA

2016 - Culture Fest Juried Show, Mesa County Library, Grand Junction, CO

           "Transcend", Colorado Mesa University 437 Gallery, Grand Junction, CO

            Juried Student Art Show, Center for the Arts, Grand Junction, CO

            The View Finder, Mesa County Library, Grand Junction, CO

2015 - Culture Fest Juried Show, Mesa County Library,Grand Junction, CO

            Experiment I, Triangle Gallery, Colorado Mesa, University, Grand Junction, CO

            Under the Mind, Roasted Coffee Shop, Grand Junction, CO

            Juried Exhibition, Center for the Arts, Grand Junction, CO


2016 - 2nd Place, Culture Fest Juried Show, Mesa County Library, Grand Junction, CO

2014 - Art Scholarship, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO

2016 - Suzie Boyd Scholarship, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO


Teaching Experience

2017-18  Drawing/Painting Teacher, AL Studio, Kirkland and Bellevue, WA

2017-18  Art Teacher, YMCA Kids University, Seattle, Washington

2015-16  Painting Teacher, The Art Bar, Grand Junction, CO

2014-15  Art/Activity Teacher, Creative Avenues, Grand Junction, CO

2011-12  Art Teacher, K-9, Riverside After School Program, Grand Junction, CO

2010 -11 Art Heritage Vollunteer, AmeriCorps: Dos Rios Elementary, Grand Junction, CO

2011        Assistant, Center for the Arts, Summer Art Camp, Grand Junction, CO


Other professional practices

2018         Volunteer, Raw Seattle Sept. Showcase, "Connection", Club SUR,  Seattle, WA 

2018, online profile with Raw Natural Born Artists.

2017         Chalk Art competitor, Belltown Chalk Festival, Seattle, WA 

2016         Studio Assistant, Drawing II, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO

2016         Model, Center for the Arts, Grand Junction, CO

2015-16    Secretary, Printmaking Guild, CMU, Grand Junction, CO

2015         Art Fest Printmaker, Printmaking Guild, CMU, Grand Junction, CO

2014-15    ArtEd K-12,120 field hours, Department of Education, CMU, Grand Junction, CO